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Exposing the White House Lies

Exposing the White House Lies and Deception Regarding the Offshore Drilling Moratorium in the Gulf


Michelle Malkin has written an excellent article showing how deviously crooked the current Administration is. It also shows how defiant of authority the Obamaites are and how they skulk like cockroaches at night to carry out their lusts.

 After getting caught lying and deceiving, they hide behind their appointments to bureaucracies that have become independently powerful and exclusive of the Congress. This is another reason that all bureaucracies are sacrosanct to statists - they squeal like poked pigs when anyone mentions abolishing one. 

However, Malkin seems a little more interested in the monetary effects of the drilling moratorium in the Gulf (that is certainly one of the problems), while we here want to know (as well) whether there are any real negative effects to the environment from that drilling-and she proves that you surely cannot trust the Obamaites for any honest information in that respect. That's news?

Though the moratorium has supposedly been lifted and oil companies have moved back into the Gulf, their rigs sit idle while they wait for permits. This is the method the Obamaites use to deceive the American people into believing they truly want more drilling, by claiming areas are open to drilling all the while stalling permitting. Permits are down over 35% under Obama, and more areas have been excluded from drilling under Obama than all the past presidents combined. And the people wonder why gas is $4.00 at the pump?

As to the effects of ocean drilling, there are no negative effects - other than from accidents, which can indeed occur, and do occur in all types of work with heavy equipment. This is why we should not be drilling in deep water at this time; we should be drilling in shallow waters, from about 20 - to 100 miles out and no deeper than a few hundred feet. 

A large amount of high-grade oils sit in those shallow coastal areas. The raving mad eco-maniacs have, however, managed to shut the drilling down in those areas-and if left to them would shut down drilling across the nation (and almost have). Oil production is down 45% since 1985, though we have had elephantine size oil discoveries of easily recoverable oil over the last twenty-years.

Had the Gulf Oil Spill occurred in shallow waters, it could have been fixed in a day. Had our own government inspectors carried out their inspecting duties correctly, it most likely would have never happened.

Another thing that folks should understand is, the Lord built a powerful cleansing system into our oceans - they thus cleanse themselves very quickly and very thoroughly. Another is that oil is natural to the earth and so, cannot harm the environment for any extended time. Even after a terrible accident, that powerful cleansing system does its work very quickly and very thoroughly.

The oceans' shores are their dumping grounds and their graveyards - check the shores out after every high tide and you will see that the seas have cleansed themselves once again. What goes into the marshes is slowly carried back out to sea and eventually dumped onto the shores. This powerful motion is locked and does its duty every day. 

If moronic apes that call themselves human want to wallow around in those polluted dumps, fine - that's just one of many idiotic things humans do. (just look at the last four men they've elected to run the nation; it's enough to make a cat sit up and bark) 

Therefore, when an accident occurs, we should allow the oceans to cleanse themselves - and dump any extraneous residue onto those shores. They will do it. Let God's perfect nature perform its duties.

Though they too have powerful cleansing systems as waters run down from the mountains to the seas from whence they came, what should be stopped is the constant dumping of waste into our waterways. 

We should also began to wean ourselves from the use of plastics (and other synthetics which the mad, knee-jerk-brained eco-maniacs are demanding we use in refined oil), the waste of which ends up buried in the earth - a negative caused by the eco-maniacs' demand back in the 1970s to move from paper usage (the trees are disappearing; those evil logging companies want to cut every tree off the planet so they won't have any more to sell, you know) to plastics. (a boondoggle to go over some other time, brought about by the eco-maniacs)

See Malkin's article for what honest people have to put up with when they are dealing with radical Marxists who have no qualms whatever when it comes to lying and deceiving to achieve their goals. 

Keep in mind that these radicals are appointed bureaucrats; and many of them work in bureaucracies where our own Congress has made it impossible for Congressional investigations to get at after they're caught carrying out unlawful and deceitful acts. 

Due to congressional complaints of stone-walling and such, an Administration often orders an investigation, that is, to investigate itself. 

Unless you are a camel living in Mongolia, you know how that always turns out: years after the investigation begins, perhaps a few bureaucrats get transferred to South Detroit, and that's about it. No one walks the plank. For the people have mostly forgotten about the particular incident or either that group of bureaucrats have hunkered down on K Street or in a Think Tank or at a Non Profit.

Oftentimes, after getting caught lying and deceiving, one radical will resign - without negative repercussions - and another radical will step right in to take the first one's butt-dusting seat, then go right to work where the first one left off: lying and distorting and deceiving to achieve some of the many radical, utopian goals that statists dream of.

Another fine reason why we need a much smaller central government - one that has much, much less power. One that it would be near impossible for an appointed bureaucrat to get by with deceiving, lying, distorting, and openly defying what should be the central power of the Federal Government: the Congress.

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Exposing the White House Lies and Deception Regarding the Offshore Drilling Moratorium in the Gulf

By Michelle Malkin

While the White House and its media water-carriers try to distract the American public with gay-marriage talk and half-century-old tales of Mitt Romney's prep school pranks, the inconvenient truth remains: President Obama is responsible for perpetrating jaw-dropping, job-killing scientific fraud. And his minions are still trying to cover it up.

New internal e-mails disclosed by the House Natural Resources Committee this week show that a supposedly exculpatory report on the administration's doctored drilling moratorium analysis-issued by the Department of Interior's Inspector General's office-was itself incomplete, misleading and unsubstantiated. Even more damning, the documents reveal that the White House actively blocked investigators and refuses to comply with subpoenas.

Now, as one senior IG agent warned his bosses, "the chickens may be coming home to roost."

A quick refresher: After the BP oil spill in 2010, the White House imposed a radical six-month moratorium on America's entire deepwater drilling industry. The overbroad ban-inserted into a technical safety document in the middle of the night by Obama's green extremists-cost an estimated 19,000 jobs and $1.1 billion in lost wages.

The anti-drilling administration based its draconian order on recommendations from an expert oil spill panel. But that panel's own members (along with the federal judiciary) called out then-eco czar Carol Browner for misleading the public about the scientific evidence and "contributing to the perception that the government's findings were more exact than they actually were." Browner and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar oversaw the false rewriting of the drilling ban report to completely misrepresent the Obama-appointed panel's own overwhelming scientific objections to the job-killing edict.

Federal judge Martin Feldman in Louisiana blasted the Obama Interior Department for defying his May 2010 order to lift its fraudulent ban on offshore oil and gas drilling in the Gulf. He called out the administration's culture of contempt and "determined disregard" for the law.

Ever since, GOP watchdogs have attempted to hold administration officials accountable for the drilling ban fraud. In November 2010, the DOI Inspector General issued a report cited by Salazar to argue that any editing of the drilling ban report was unintentional and mistaken. But e-mails from IG senior agent Richard Larrabee released by the House Natural Resources Committee flatly contradict Salazar.

"I truly believe the editing WAS intentional-by an overzealous staffer at the White House. And, if asked, I, as the case agent, would be happy to state that opinion to anyone interested," Larrabee wrote.

He noted that the IG report failed to mention that investigators were unable to independently validate e-mails supplied by Salazar's office-and that the report was "simply silent" about how the White House blocked investigators' attempts to interview one of Browner's chief henchmen, Joe Aldy. "Well, it will be interesting to see if anyone picks up on these things, or cares about them," Larrabee wrote.

Well, House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings, R-Wash., cares. In a letter to the DOI Inspector General's office, Hastings blasted the stonewallers who have hid in the dark for more than a year. "The IG report is being used by the Obama Administration and others as a defense that this matter has already been investigated and resolved. These emails contradict that claim and raise new questions on whether the IG's investigation was as thorough and complete as it should have been," Hastings wrote.

The actual drafts of the drilling moratorium report and the communications between senior Interior Department officials and White House political appointees remain out of public view. "To date, the Interior Department has never had to disclose documents to the IG or to Congress," Hastings noted. "Despite the President's pledge of transparency, this Administration has not answered questions by anyone on how this decision was made that forced thousands of Americans out of work and cost millions of dollars in lost economic activity."

This election isn't just about jobs, jobs, jobs. It's about the lies, lies, lies that have led to massive job  destruction-and the ruthless corruptocrats using our tax dollars to whitewash their radical green agenda.


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