Monday, 28 November 2011 10:00

EPA, the Inquisition for the US Oil Industry

Remember The Simpsons Movie (2007) when Abe "Grampa" Simpson had a prophetic vision about pollution and the apocalyptic scenario enforced by EPA on Springfield? Well, with less fun and more vibrant reality, the true EPA under Obama's unconstitutional extended prerogatives is indeed killing the American oil industry. This renders the US at the mercy of volatile international energy markets, while crude oil and natural gas resources abound under American soil. 

Please read this intriguing quote:

"I'm proud to be part of an EPA that has mobilized science and the law to create modern and innovative protections for the health of the American people. I'm also proud to be working for a president who has said that "we can't wait" on these issues." It's a statement made by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, who recently told University of Wisconsin-Madison students that she is proud to work for a President who will bypass Congress and create his own rules via executive order. Autocracy like in post-czarist Soviet Russia. Only thing that the Russians, white or red, were clever enough to exploit, extract and market their own natural resources. Unlike them, the Washington Warthog finds that importing oil from the Middle East is a better option than extracting domestic crude from America, or importing shale oil from Canada. Therefore the EPA disregards the US Constitution to create laws (circumventing the US Congress).

We already have Congress to make laws; we don't need the EPA. "It has long been clear to me that elected representatives should write the rules, not the EPA," Sen. Lindsey Graham has said.

And that's not all, the draconian laws imposed by EPA are crafted on purpose to be broken. The effect on the welfare of the American citizen, and the US society in general, may be currently measured by the lumping economy, skyrocketing gas prices, increased unemployment -- all in the name of protecting the "health of the American people." Think that people who are doing better financially, who are independent and free, can better deal with pollution than people who are brought into a state of servitude at the mercy of the government.

"Per a 2007 Supreme Court Decision, the EPA has the authority under the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gases—only if scientific data shows that greenhouse gases endanger public health.

But in September, the Associated Press revealed an internal government watchdog report: "The Obama administration cut corners..." because the EPA issued "controversial and expensive regulations to control greenhouse gases for the first time" despite the fact that the EPA did not conduct sufficient scientific studies to determine whether greenhouse gas emissions do in fact "pose dangers to human health and welfare."
Today, tens of thousands of oil jobs (and therefore the public health) are in jeopardy because President Obama is citing faulty EPA data on greenhouse emissions to delay building the Keystone XL pipeline.
The EPA claims to be "working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people." Instead, the EPA places the environment and public health in jeopardy. Let’s dump the EPA."

Source: -- Dump the EPA 


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