Friday, 23 September 2011 16:30

We Need to Produce More Oil, Not Less

As I have stated many times before, I am not at all a fan of the big oil companies - but for heaven's sake not because they produce oil and make money. That type of thinking comes from the Left that hates oil production and any company that makes a profit in any field.
This I am reiterating, because I've stated it many times, and it is worth the point: I dislike the big oil companies because they promote lies for the purpose of making their products more expensive, in a very foolish effort to expand their profit margins, and also to appease the mad eco-maniacs who are very vocal and political. Exxon, for example, gives millions and spends multi-millions promoting the Global Warming Hoax. So do BP and others. They also spread the lie that the planet will soon run out of oil.
So in that sense I have no love for such companies. But neither do I like the Left lying about them, in their constant effort to demonize the oil industry. You will see from Mr. Dreissen's article how hypocritical the Left's front men are - newspapers and other media outlets - for complaining about what they call "special oil company subsidies," because those so-called special subsidies newspapers and the rest of the media also receive. 
But they want politicians to single out one group (which just so happens to be the industry the Left is currently attacking for political purposes) and cut their tax deductions.
It's really some sick stuff - which is all you ever receive from the Left. Sick, envious thinking. Ideas that punish someone for political ends. Thinking that sickens minds and spirits. Never anything uplifting or positive.
We need to produce more oil - not less. If drillers were free to drill, and prices were set by supply and demand - as they ought to be - then prices at the pump would be far less than they are. And we would import far less oil.
If the government wants to do something to help energy production, it should offer a huge reward for someone (or business) who perfects solar energy, because right now it's not at all feasible. The trace minerals required to turn the sun's rays into power are difficult and expensive to mine-and they aren't that many of them.
Let me tell you how bad the situation is: if the companies mining the trace minerals required to run solar were to double production over the next ten years, they still could not mine enough trace minerals to get solar power up to five percent of the nation's energy.
Solar power is a wonderful idea - but in its current state it's not even in the A-Model Stage. It's far, far down the line from there. Wind energy is in even worse shape-and is a dream of dreaming fairies on the Left.