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Topsy-Turvy- about Climate Change

Topsy-Turvy, the Good Story about Climate Change 
Near the end of the nineteenth century, Jules Verne wrote a second sequel to his success story "From the Earth to the Moon." Here's the very short plot and summary of this man-made global climate change history.  
"The Purchase of the North Pole (French: Sans dessus dessous, 1889) is an adventure novel written by Jules Verne. In it, the Baltimore Gun Club from From the Earth to the Moon attempt to purchase the North Pole to access large deposits of coal beneath it. Several countries attempt to buy it, but the United States proves to be the victor. The money was paid for by the members of the Gun Club. Barbicane, Nicholl, and J.T. Maston plan on tilting the Earth's axis, making it similar to Jupiter's. There would be no more seasons (warm all year round), the North Pole would be brought farther south (about 67 degrees north), and many countries (mostly in Asia) would be overcome by floods. The United States would also gain much more land. They plan on creating a huge explosion in the Kilimanjaros using Nicholl's new invention, the powerful explosive, micro-meteorite. The members of the Gun Club soon get ready to create the explosion. The world is in panic. When the explosion does go, huge damage is made in the area. But the axis does not change. A French engineer later concludes that this was because the explosion was too small. Barbicane, Nicholl, and Maston do not attempt this again."
1890 USA: New York: J. G. Ogilvie and Company, published as Topsy-Turvy
1891, UK, London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington. First UK edition.
Warped idea, eh? The irony of this novel derides man-made arrogance by unveiling where an exponential error can lead the beliefs of scientists. And, further on, what happens if good funding fuels the scientific errors into the realm of financial investments, economic planning and political decisions capable to create a global mass panic.  
One hundred years, give or take, after the French science-fiction and adventure author Jules Verne, Al Gore, an American, initiated a global mass hysteria with a similar strategy as the characters featured in the late nineteenth century sci-fi novel. The effects on finances, economics, politics of the planet are pretty much the same as the ones described in Verne's Topsy-Turvy book. But how about the dreaded effects of man-made climate change? Same as in the book: NULL.  
A couple of wishful thinking samples 
Tsunamis are in fact caused by natural causes, such as earthquakes. Yet there was World Vision boss Tim Costello in April 2009, claiming that Asia was a "region, thanks to climate change, that has far more cyclones, tsunamis, and droughts than ever before." And not only does global warming not cause these events; they are not happening more frequently. Here's a list of historic tsunamis:
And so, Costello is plain wrong! But what do facts matter now to a warming evangelist when the cause is so just? To stop the production of the now demonized C02 anything goes! 
And so it is that any disaster is now blamed on man-made warming the way they once were on satanic forces. See for yourself on the full list, including kidney stones, volcanic eruptions, bad wine (said what?), insomnia (I want to be awake to watch the planet when it burns itself to cinders), and even bad tempers (give 'em lexapro!), Vampire moths (one was chasing me just the other day), and bubonic plagues (surely, warming was causing the Swine Flu). 
Nothing is too far-fetched for the Warmers and their preachers in the media to seize upon and claim this or that is a sign of a warming planet, because you see, they are desperate to find something that we can actually see. So far, though, just as their 160-year search for the "missing link" has failed, all outlets have ended in coldness.
Bottom line: fewer people now die from extreme weather events, whether cyclones, floods, or blinding heatwaves than anytime in recorded history.
In a study by Indur Goklany, who represented the US at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, he writes this: "There is no signal in the mortality data to indicate increases in the overall frequencies or severities of extreme weather events, despite large increases in the population over the last fifty years."
But The Insanity Continues...
Without any serious study whatever, due to pressure from the eco-maniacs, the US Administration declared polar bears an endangered species, and they are indeed the perfect symbol of the blind faith the Warmers have. But now, after thorough research on the bears has been concluded, it shows that their numbers have in fact increased.
Besides that, polar bears are land-based animals; they don't live on the polar caps, and so, if they were melting, it would hardly affect these magnificent animals.
Now, it does not bother me in the least to make them and whales and the like off limits for killing; they shouldn't be eaten and we surely don't need their skins. Nor do we need whale oil!
But by putting them on the endangered species list also means that anywhere they live is off limits to drilling for crude oil or natural gas, which is super foolish.
So the government needs to stop this crazy panic. Stop these crazy claims. And stop attempting to change the world because they have a sickening, visceral hatred for oil, gas, and coal.
One of the central problems is that once people accept a negative as fact it's almost impossible for them to reject it and accept the positive side of the proposition. However, it's just the opposite for the flip side to jump from the positive to the negative.
Moreover, the Left that so hates businesses of all types, except for Hollywood and the media, and wants to control the actions of every human, are relentless and shameless in their willingness to lie. This will not stop, and I can't see the trend toward believing in the Myths of Global Warming to stop either. For once the negative is accepted no amount of evidence, truth, or proof can move people to the positive side.