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The Global Warming, Part 5

The Global Warming Fraud Keeps on Chugging Along, Part 5

Beyond the Trillions, Costs of the Global Warming Con

By the time the masses figure out that no catastrophe is going to take place, what little freedom and power the people have left today the elitists will have usurped.
To justify their actions over the past years of free spending and bureaucracy building, they'll simply tell you what Clinton did after the Y2K-Con--"our planning and government action saved the world from a disaster." Then the media went dead silent on the subject, never mentioning it again--and soon found another phony boondoggle they could use to sell their blather.
However, a week before the turn of the year 2000, Pat Robertson, while on TV trying to sell the last packs of his "one-year's worth of emergency supplies" (on sale for $2995.00 reduced from $4495.00) to live on during the time when there would be no power or water or food, he said that he expected France would not be a nation and the deaths would rise into the millions after the clock passed midnight on the old millennium, because France had not updated its power plants--neither had most other European nations, including Russia and the UK. 
Robertson warned people who owned European stocks to sell and buy hard commodities--gold, silver, copper, anything. During the program he had "commodity experts" on telling the people how they could buy gold bars and gold coins and have them shipped directly to them. These characters feared that no country was ready for the upcoming disaster and at best the whole nation would be without power for months. 
After Y2K, Robertson went about his way not mentioning it anymore, and soon began taking up money for another emergency. (I understand that Robertson is computer illiterate, just as he is Scriptural illiterate.)
Carlo Ponzi's 1920-get-rich-quick scheme cost investors a few million-dollars, and yet he is still the first mentioned when cons are spoken of-the "Great Ponzi Scheme." (If the government had done the same no one would have heard of it.) But today's scams tower in the billions over Ponzi's little con--CNN said that the Y2K-Con cost the world nearly $650 billion. The two forays America has made into the Middle East have run well over $1.3 trillion. 
Expect the Global Warming Con to cost many, many times more than the prior cons--one economist has estimated into the trillions just for America, if we do what the bong heads and eco-maniac con-artists want.
Get ready for it! For I believe the Global Warming Fraud will be the equivalent--or moreso--of the propaganda blitz the government and media threw at us to convince us that it was essential to rid the earth of the terrible Saddam, the stabilizing brigand it seems so many people miss nowadays. 
I thought perhaps that the record-setting cold winters we've had around the world the last few years would slow them down. Indeed, there is been a shift in public opinion (for now at least) against the catastrophic claims of Gore's Armies. But the Warmers are determined to shove their fears (the deceived ones at least) and their lies (the Warmers who know their claims are lies) into our lives through their beloved government.
Don't forget that Gore has gone so far as to predict that many parts of the nation used to winter snowfalls will never have one again. Oh yes, and melting icecaps--which not only aren't really melting, but are back larger than ever--are going to fill the seas to the point that all lowland areas will soon be flooded.
Robert Kennedy went so far as to say that the DC and Virginia areas may never see snow again. (Kennedy's problem is obviously genetic; so we might ought to overlook his babbling.)
Yes, I realize that the South and Mid-West have been experiencing another scorching hot summer, but the Pacific Northwest has been much cooler than normal, as has the California Coast. The Arctics have been so much cooler that the huge icecaps that built up over the last brutal winters have melted but relatively little. The seas have also been cooler.
One of the Warmers and the leftist media's favorite tricks is to misdirect their viewers to an extreme and/or tragic area--point it out specifically and regularly--then extrapolate that onto the whole earth. It won't work. Don't let them do that to you--it's specious; it's sophistry of the rudest type.
The earth is in a slight cooling period-which will change--but that's where we are now and it's completely natural. 
Humans affect the earth's atmosphere only about .09 percent. And to put that in perspective, our atmosphere would be 50 to the 100-10,000 (which would be the number 100 with 10,000 zeroes after it)--take .09 percent of that and see what you have. Not even enough to mention in relation to the entire atmosphere. Plus, as we have learned, our solar system has a natural failsafe cleansing system that removes any excesses. 
The worry, folks, is not the atmosphere or the planet--it is statist politicians (in both Parties) who are influenced by the shenanigans of the Eco-Maniacs, or see their ideas as a method to build their precious state even larger.
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