Sunday, 28 August 2011 12:39

The Global Warming, Part 4

Slowly Crushing Congress: Wealth Redistribution

The recent US Congress, has been skeptical of the idea that the planet was about to blow itself up--which folks, let me remind you--is not a new idea. And that has saved us from some mighty sorry legislation. But, as noted, Obama is now working through his forty-something un-Constitutional Czars and his bureaucracies to regulate, restrict, tax, and stifle the nation into total submission.
The same people now writing and claiming that the earth is about to heat up and burn out were writing and claiming in the 1970s that it was about to cool down and freeze up. (Either way it's curtains for the lot of us.) But it didn't happen in the 1980s as predicted, so they quickly changed from cooling down to warming up. If either had been close to true, the planet would have been scorched to cinders or either crushed ice floating around the solar system by now. The Republicopiers running the last Congress before the Dumborats took over in 2006 at least allowed the several sides of the global weather argument to be presented in hearings--that ended when the Left took over.
We have a decent Congress right now--it should be much better. But one day new Congress, which will be controlled by Damorats, all of whom can't wait to push the global warming agenda on the American people, are not known for their willingness to accept or even to hear other views than what they already believe in. 
Elitist Socialists that the Damorats are--they listen only to those who gave them the ideas in the first place, because they know they're smarter than the rest of us and only they can possibly be right. Only a few fringe idiots ever disagree with them, to hear their account. Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman--the two smartest people in the current race for the Republicoward nomination (I'll put my soul on the line for a bet to place Michelle Bachman's college grades beside Obama's; that is, if we could find the ones that the ink had just not dried on)--are outcasts, freaks, their views so extreme that they could not possibly become president. Have your fellow-travelers make these claims enough (in syndicated columns and on the political talk shows)--as Stalin pointed out to his Red Commissars--the people will eventually take them as fact, and then any opposing view can be ignored as foolish and not worth rebutting.
Of course, Stalin simply had anyone with an opposing view tied to a post and shot.
So, I'm warning you that, after years of global warming screaming from the government and the media, you're liable to wake up one winter morning to a house heated with beetle dung and then, as you shiver across the house searching for an extra robe (or two), discover your mate mumbling that if you don't trade your gas guzzler in for a corn sucker, the whole universe is going to explode before you can draw your first penny of Social Security--which will be broke anyway if the "rich don't finally pay their 'fair share.'"
Tomorrow, Part 5 of The Global Warming Fraud Keeps on Chugging Along: Beyond the Trillions, Costs of the Global Warming Con
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