Saturday, 27 August 2011 12:36

The Global Warming , Part 3

Who Pays the Bills, the Taxes and Skyrocketing Fuel Prices?

All those funds slushing around the planet will buy the Left running the country even more votes and more power. And wait until you see your new power bill after Albert Gore's save-the-planet-from-evil-consuming-humans BTU Tax (this has now evolved into "Cap and Trade") is piled on top of your regular bill (this staggering bill could not get through the Congress, so Obama has had his EPA implement it on all "coal-producing" utilities; so expect your power bills to start to rise very soon.) That thousand-dollar house payment will wane to the back of your mind as you gather wood and scraps to burn inside your homes in the coming winters. Get more dogs and buy more blankets now-you're going to need them if these bong heads get their way. 
And in each and every case where you find strident global warmers who claim that the earth has little time left--unless humans unite and begin to consume more corn and less coal--their political heart is fixated on these little darling doowhackers: that national governments need much more power over the people than they now have and that international governments should have power over national ones and that every national government should enter--almost daily--into new agreements and treaties with other national ones, while several big daddy international suprapowers watch over the whole bureaucratic morass; and in every phase of existence these governments (along with gangs of new bureaucracies) should have power--sui generis--over all humanity except for the elites who run them. 
For example, I challenge you to find me a government program (other than something in the military) that either Albert Gore or Jimmy Carter believe is not absolutely mandatory for the safety and welfare of the world. I would also challenge you to find a tax that either one of them does not love--and in fact thinks is anything other than far too low. Follow this down the line checking out every Warmer who is in the know--I'm not speaking of the sheeple who are deceived and actually believe the universe is on its way to exploding into gazillions of microscopic particles of happenstance atoms--which themselves now mind you will be equivalent to toxic coal emissions; but I mean the leaders and speakers of this movement--the ones who know it is a hoax. And that's what it is, similar to the movement to oust Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. 
You will find that they agree with Albert Gore on every issue--not just saving the planet. "Global Warming" which has morphed into "Climate Change" is the Left's new route to eternal salvation.
Tomorrow, Part 4 of The Global Warming Fraud Keeps on Chugging Along: Slowly Crushing Congress: Wealth Redistribution