Friday, 26 August 2011 12:29

The Global Warming Fraud, Part 2

The Global Warming Fraud Keeps on Chugging Along, Part 2

The Y2K-Software Con; Saddam, a Toy Tiger

You don't have to be Socrates to figure out that these things are phony crises. Simply consider the source of each one. Y2K birthed itself out of a small semi-literate evangelist who didn't know that the new chiliast really began in 1998 (this is not even taking into account that the calendar has been changed and January 1 today would not be January 1 2000 years ago). 
By the time the issue arrived in front of Congress, people were already heading for the hills with stores of canned goods and sleeping bags on their backs. And ask yourself this supererogatory question: how the hell could the wrong time on your computer's clock cause chaos in Nairobi? (We had two in the house at the time-never changed either one-and we're still standing. A whole group of us warned Y2K was a con, and so to show that we stood by our statement, none of us "Y2K-proofed our software.")
And while the CIA was writing that Saddam Hussein was totally disarmed and safely contained, the people who hated him most were shouting to the world that he was about to sail across the seas and take over America with his mighty 265,000 man police force who were, nevertheless, still using M1 Rifles and armored vehicles that modern governments cast to the old iron din many moons ago. 
Initially, two-thirds of Americans opposed both the Gulf War in 1992 and the War Against Saddam in 2002; but by the time the media blitz to war was over, the figure had flipped over and almost ninety percent wanted Saddam's scalp to save the world from terror and incineration brought about by the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (those infamous WMD) that he had hoarded and hidden around the Arabian Deserts so well that even he couldn't find them. (UN Weapon Inspectors had already searched Iraq several times from Saddam's homes to the aspirin factory that Clinton's bombers demolished-and had found absolutely zero, as the CIA had stated.)
"Global Warming" is a similar phenomenon-once you go to the original promoting source you know it is a ruse of the highest order, in that so many can accomplish so much by convincing hoi polloi that it is a threat. If the Warmers convince Aunt Mary and Uncle Terry, and the Socialists in our government have their way, NASA, the National Weather Service, and the hundreds of "Think Tanks" that have arisen to tell us that our own atmosphere is about to snuff us out, will all be fatter than late-winter hogs with all the new funds the government will be slopping them with. New "Save the Planet" bureaucracies will make the Pentagon look like the new cars they are currently forcing on us-which many of us will have to wear rather than ride in. 
Tomorrow, Part 3 of The Global Warming Fraud Keeps on Chugging Along: Who Pays the Bills, the Taxes and Skyrocketing Fuel Prices?