Thursday, 25 August 2011 12:20

The Global Warming Fraud, Part 1

The Global Warming Fraud Keeps on Chugging Along, Part 1

Yet Another Government-Backed Fraud

I have said all along that the Global Warming Fraud had the potential to turn into a bigger boondoggle than the Y2K-Con, which was the largest financial hoax ever carried out on the American people--and indeed the world. The Y2K-Con, however, is very much like the War Against Saddam Hussein-you can hardly find anyone who believed in it today.
Well, let me tell you, I have been chased from children's playgrounds, Sunday schools, and tupperware parties for telling the natives that both were worthless worries. Called a fool on the high end and a troglodyte on the low for not believing in the Y2K-Con, numerous people called me a pure psycho for saying that Saddam Hussein was a Toy Tiger whose main fault was that he had a big, bragging mouth with only a few antiquated weapons and nothing but a WWI trained police force to back up his gasconades. 
After informing one lady that Saddam was a Toy Tiger, she asked me where I was born; she thought in the Middle East somewhere. And another asked whether I was a mad Muslimic working undercover for Iraq. Does anyone wonder why governments use so much propaganda and advertisers pay millions for a minute's time for a commercial during
the Super Bowl? If so, the answer is that it is very effective. 
Now and here--again, as I've done since 1990--I'm telling you that Global Warming is a complete and utter fraud and, by the term "Global Warming" let me tell you what I mean: that the planet is warming every year mainly because of human activity and that it's going to continue to steam up to the point of destroying every living thing in existence unless humans begin to alter--drastically--the way they warm themselves, feed themselves, and transport themselves. And the one and only way to cure Global Warming is to give governments around the world new (and draconian) powers to force stubbornly spoiled humans to change their evilly consuming ways. 
Toward that end, new national and international bureaucracies and governments with vast powers must be established. To pay for those new entities and for forcing the changes in what humans eat and drink and how they heat and cool themselves and how they travel, heavy taxation and strict regulation must be laid on the backs of the "richest nations in the world," namely, the United States. (The heaviest polluters, such as India and China and Africa would not be held to the same standards as the Western World.)
Tomorrow, Part 2 of The Global Warming Fraud Keeps on Chugging Along: The Y2K-Software Con; Saddam, a Toy Tiger