Friday, 14 October 2011 15:37

Pre-industrial Man-made Global Cooling

Yet another example of politically correct "science" of the Anthropogenig (man-made) Global Warming cult. Columbus is now blamed for the Little Ice Age. Oh no, really? Yes! Sure, Columbus brought deforestation (or reforestation, doesn't matter) to America and that "manipulated the climate" of our planet. Oh my, oh my.

Can't find a better answer than the following Slashdot rant appealing to common sense: 


Good example of AGW 'scientific' thinking (by dtjohnson)

The idea that the global climate could be changed by a relative handful of Europeans clearing a tiny portion of the forested landscape with handsaws and horses is ridiculous. The Oort minimum began approximately 1,000 years ago, followed by the Wolf minimum (740 years ago), the Sporer minimum (600 years ago), and then the Maunder minimum approximately 400 years ago. Columbus set sail in 1492 so those Europeans would have had to have been working like beavers (pardon the expression) to have cut down enough trees by ca 1600 to drive the climate to yet another minimum. We may be at the beginning of yet another climate minimum right now, likely driven by reduced solar output. AGW proponents are turning into spin doctors with these kinds of 'theories' (such as TFA) to explain the utter failure of their climatic theories to account for the real global climate change that is in the fossil record over the last 100,000 years. 

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