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Green Energy Continues to Fail

An Administration intent on pushing the nation into "green energy" long before it is even close to being perfected gets another kick in the nuts -- not that this Administration will take any responsibility for its multi-billion-dollar boondoggle.
But the Obama Administration is indeed responsible -- along with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who took control of the House and Senate in the 2006 mid-term election. 
And -- most especially -- we must add Dick Schumer and Rahm Emanuel who orchestrated the Democrats' 2006 campaign to the list of responsible quacks, ordering their candidates to "run to the right of the" Republicans and "promise the electorate that, if elected we will defund the wars in the Mid-East and bring the troops home," and "not to mention global warming." 
If forced to discuss the world's climate problems (so ordered Schumer and Emanuel), use the term "climate change," as a high-priced advertizing agency had advised them to do for the election (according to the NY Times).
At the time, for those of you who may not recall, every news show was about the failure of the wars and how stupid it was to plunge us into them. Which is absolutely true, by the way. But immediately after the Liarcrats won the election and took control of the Congress -- and not one thing to defund the wars -- a strange silence came over the media about the wars and still stands until this day. 
Rarely do we hear anything about Obama expanding American involvement into three more mid-East nations. If we do it's about what a success his policies have been. No need to pour anymore truth onto the great savior's back; he has enough problems with the economy.
As soon as the Liarcrats won the election, the eco-maniacs came running out of their hiding places -- exactly like cockroaches when the lights go out. The next week commercials began telling us how we need to be "energy independent" (a code phrase for shutting down America's energy production), how we all need to fight "climate
change," what grand ideas solar and wind are, how our energy companies need to go green, and about how all of us need to cut back on our lifestyles -- to save the planet from extinction, of course. 
One of Obama's cabinet appointments, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, publically stated it would be his goal to get gas pump prices up to $7 or $8 for the purpose of forcing the American people to drive less. I personally heard him speaking on public radio two springs ago (2009) when he told the interviewer that he would like gas prices to settle around $7 a gallon at the pumps so that wealthy people living in big homes with "two or three SUVs parked in their drives" would be "forced to sell their gas guzzlers and downsize to smaller homes." (I wondered what the hell did he think they were going to do with their big homes-who could afford to live in them under his eco-maniac dream world? Who would buy their "gas guzzlers"?)
A few days after the 2006 election, weirdness began popping out of the brains of brainwashed eco-maniacs. The kook singer (who has a great voice, but is obviously a retard) got so excited that she burst out into the public and said that "the government should limit everyone to using only a couple of pieces of toilet paper a day" (which would save our water, which, of course, we're running out of, as we are everything else). The nutty actress Daryl Hannah made a public appearance and threatened to climb a local tree in protest until the nation passed a "green energy plan." Would that she had of!
Sixty Minutes did its part by interviewing the stoked out actor Ed Begley and let him pontificate about how close to extinction the planet is because Americans are greedy consumption addicts. Another stone solid candidate for Bellevue, Robert Kennedy Jr., began appearing on the talk shows claiming that Virginia and Washington may never see snow again because the planet is heating up to the point of no return -- reiterating a claim that Albert Gore has made. 
Other news shows interviewed the heads of "green companies" and other companies that were getting ready to go green. Hollywood kooks -- from Robert (Bob to his eco-maniac leftist friends) Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio -- the fawning leftist media were putting on shows and elevating them to "true progressive thinkers." Paul Newman had been romancing Republicoward Senator John McCain for a couple of years and had consummated the love affair by convincing him that "global warming was real." McCain still believes that-even though hundreds of scientists have signed petitions and spoken before Congress informing them that manmade global warming is a sham.
In its very first move, the new leftist government with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid in the lead, placed of billions of borrowed dollars in subsidies in the budget for "green energy." Green was indeed in -- and businesses intent on parasiting off the big fat Warthog knew it and were going green. Wall St. had their stock touts out touting "green energy companies" as if they were the last great investment. The eco-maniac machine was running at peak speed -- and that has brought us to the crashing end where we are today.
There are many problems with what -- at least I believe -- is a good idea: solar power. First, it is very, very expensive at this point. Second, it often fails due to inadequate sunlight. Third, until it is perfected solar is good for a few super-wealthy people who can afford it, but there are not enough of the trace minerals it takes to turn sun rays into power (wind power needs them too) to support the amount of people that the eco-maniacs dream about.
Meanwhile, green energy is mostly political and will continue failing.
Oodles of green energy companies have failed this year and all of them have received untold billions from our most beloved entity-the all-wise, all-controlling, ever-restricting, ever-perfect Warring Warthog in Washington.
California solar manufacturer Solyndra announced Wednesday that it is shutting down a factory built with the help of a $535 million federal loan guarantee. The company will file for bankruptcy -- and we the people will get stiffed for the loan we made this non-viable business. 
It's the latest blow to the Administration's dream to turn the "nation green" and create "green jobs" --to appease one of its main constituencies: Hollywood and the eco-maniacs. 
Another U.S. green company, Evergreen Solar, filed for bankruptcy in August. Solyndra put 1,100 people out of work with the closure of its plant in Fremont, Calif. 
El Presidente Barack Obama visited the factory in May 2010 and stressed the importance of the company to "greening the nation," because it was creating "green jobs and solar panels." He said such companies deserve the full support of the Federal Government and would receive that support through the $787b he received from Congress and the $200b Baby Boy Bush left him from the Stimulus Packages granted them by Congress. Evergreen received several hundred million of your dollars through the All-Mighty Warring Warthog.
What will cost you more billions (even though the costs will be sneaky) are the Warthog's mandates on the power industry and other businesses, such as autos, to become green. They are senseless and worthless; there is no evidence that they are needed and will be merely the beginning of what the eco-maniacs have in store for America.
Why do they do this if they care about the environment when our waterways are -- in many places -- dirtier than they've ever been? Because they do not really care about the environment; they care about socializing the nation, redistributing the nation's wealth, and crushing America's businesses. They are at heart, and at best, business haters -- and at worse pure Marxist revolutionaries dead set on overturning the nation as it stands today.
As all this craziness goes on, the oil companies, Wall St., the media, the government, the eco-maniacs, and many others persist in pounding the nation with propaganda that claims we're running out of natural fuels and that even if we were not they're dirty and are polluting the entire planet -- destroying everything from the Dwarf Bharal Pseudois to the Darter Snail.
This is our world, run by sham artists and liars, who use the environment as a tool to socialize, redistribute, and crush. Don't forget it next time you see them screaming their doomsday claims. Laugh -- go about your business -- but spread the truth to as many people as you possibly can to stop these liars from enslaving us all to their cynical gimcrackery.
See a list here of the nuttiest of all the celebrity eco-maniacs. These people are for the most part not very smart, so I'm sure some of them are cynics who are easily brainwashed by the con-artists who use the environment for their own purposes that have nothing to do with a clean world. But here they are:
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