Wednesday, 24 August 2011 13:28

Global Warming Does Not Exist

A new and important paper has just come out which compares empirical weather data from 1958-2010 with climate models created by Albert Gore's favorite "scientists."
The models inform us that the planet is getting hotter and will continue to do so; the empirical data show that it is not. As always, the Left throws nonsense and theories and fear at hoi polloi, and the reasoning Right looks at real data and evidence.
The paper is authored by these two gentlemen, who have absolutely nothing to do with the energy industry or "Big Oil," as the Warmers will most likely claim. 
Ross McKitrick
Department of Economics
University of Guelph
rmckitri [at]
Timothy J. Vogelsang
Department of Economics
Michigan State University
tjv [at]
Let me remind everyone that when you see the Warmers claim that anyone who disputes their "global warming" claims are paid off by "Big Oil" and the energy industry that both of these groups are promoting the fraud. Thus, neither would have not one reason to pay a couple of nerdheads to write a paper showing that the foundation of "global warming" (climate models) is indeed fraught with errors.
The paper is technical; the result is important.
Here is the gist of their conclusion:
"As our empirical findings show, the detection of a trend in the tropical lower- and midtroposphere data over the 1958-2010 interval is contingent on the decision of whether or not to include a mean-shift term at January 1978 (the year the IPCC says that "global warming" took a serious hold on the earth. If the term is included, a time trend
regression with error terms robust to autocorrelation of unknown form indicates that the trend observed over the 1958-2010 interval is not statistically significant in
either the LT or MT layers. Most climate models predict a larger trend over this interval than is observed in the data. We find a statistically significant mismatch
between climate model trends and observational trends whether the meanshift term is included or not. However, with the shift term included the null hypothesis of equal trend is rejected at much smaller significance levels (much more significant)."
The entire paper may be found here.
Don't forget! As I've been saying for years, no matter how much evidence proves the Warmers wrong, they will never quit. They will continue to lie, distort, deceive, and misdirect to get their way: more and more government, which means more power and control for them.