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  1. Oil prices gyrate amid geopolitical concerns
    Well, only three months into the year and so far 3 of our 9 initial predictions for 2017 have already unraveled and the rest are in the process of doing so. keystone pipeline is happening oil prices remain in the $50 range major new pipelines are being built to corner the European energy market Oil prices gyrate Yes, oil prices are yo-yoings [...]
  2. Effects of massive pipelines on oil prices
    Decidedly, 2017 will be the year of pipelines. Let's draw a parallel with the internet if we should. This article comes to your computer reliably through a series of pipes that did not exist 20 years ago. In many aspects, today's oil delivery infrastructure is still like the internet of two decades ago trickling over an unreliable modem [...]
  3. Russian gas pipelines and hacking the elections
    Russia has been in the news lately, amid allegations that it "hacked the vote". Yes, the very 'vote' that granted ascendancy to Trump as the 45th president of America. What a day January 20 is going to be, so! Many believe that Russia with a volatile, if not belligerent, President aided Trump in no mean measure. Did Russia shift the scale? [...]
  4. 9 oil price forecasts during Trump presidency
    We're on a roll when it comes to accurately predicting major geopolitical events and their impact on oil prices. In our article titled Takeover of Oil by Militias" published in 2012, we successfully anticipated that Islamic militants (ISIS) would use oil revenues to fund the formation of their own theocracy. In 2013, in our article titled [...]
  5. Trump, Clinton and oil prices
    The November elections will hoist either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton into the Presidency. Given that the US is one of the leading producers of oil , what will change with a new President? Well, to answer the question, the shortcut is to look at the 'one' the oil industry favors. Through it all, Donald Trump has promised the moon to the [...]
  6. The downside of low oil prices
    At first sight it appears that low oil prices are good for society. A low oil price helps us save dollars at the pump, acts as an economic catalyst making exchanges cheaper and thereby stimulating the economy. However, there are downsides as well, often out-of-sight-out-of-mind and we will address these today. Change in economic [...]
  7. Brexit, the Turkish coup and oil prices
    We've been hearing a lot about Brexit. What is Brexit, by the way? Well, in June a referendum was held in Britain to decide whether the nation should remain with the European Union or not. The British people embraced uncertainty and voted to 'exit' the European Zone which is termed, Brexit. In a nutshell, Brexit, is the UK voting to exit from [...]
  8. Saudis lose US clout over oil price war
    In an event that went largely unnoticed, we have, in fact, passed the point in human history where OPEC's key member Saudi Arabia can dictate oil prices any longer. No one seems to have taken in the momentous occasion if not comprehended its historical significance. Much hasn't been said or written, it has to be added. Long time readers of [...]
  9. Six reasons why oil prices reached new 2016 highs
    Crude oil was at a 13-year record $25 low in mid-January 2016 and has soared more than 70 per cent since. The battle is on again. We are talking about the mighty forces whipping up the oil prices. How does the investor work out where the oil price will go? Ultimately, you have to make your own forecasts, at least on the general, long term [...]
  10. Oil price at $35 amid bribery scandals
    The Brent Crude Index hit $27.1 on January 20th this year - its lowest point since June 2003. The index's lowest point in the last 20 years was at $10.19 back in December 1998. As the price slid at the beginning of January this year, many analysts dusted down the history books and predicted that crude price were going back down to that level. [...]
  11. How oil price volatility explains these uncertain times
    The numbers say that these should be the best of times for America. The economy has been growing for five years. Unemployment is low. Inflation is almost nonexistent and gas is cheap. Yet, many Americans feel deeply uneasy about their future prospects. Uncertainty is the catchword of the moment. This uncertainty is contributing to growing [...]
  12. Oil price in $20 range and 6 trends for the year
    At last, the oil price has fallen in the $20 range. Its rate of decline is all the more impressive, having lost $10 - a third of its value - in one month. Although the price of a barrel of crude oil hasn't reached its all time low yet, adjusted for inflation, of $12.45 from December 1998, it will get there in less than a month if the same [...]
  13. Syrian war, oil prices and the Paris attacks
    In our last article we predicted that thousands of hardened ISIS fighters, blending among refugees, would march into Europe undetected. We also advised our readers that this would spread distrust between European powers and borders would go back up in an attempt to stem the invasion, at the cost of slowing down European economies. We were right [...]
  14. Oil prices and the Syrian civil war
    Most watch in disbelief as hordes of Middle Eastern migrants enter Europe with little to no resistance from border control. Whereas refugees are normally women and children, these migrants are for the most part young males of fighting age leaving a war zone. That prompts concerns on their true motives. Europe is divided regarding its course [...]
  15. Who benefits from lower oil prices?
    Lower fuel prices are great for the consumer, but we know that not all of the cost saving of lower crude oil and gas prices have been passed on to the general public. Oil and gas refiners prosper from lower oil prices. Like the rest of the oil industry, refiners' revenues are down, but their profit margins are up significantly. Refiners are [...]